Greetings from St John's

Maybe you’re a long-time United Church of Christ member who has moved to our neighborhood. Maybe you were raised in another Christian tradition, but you think it’s time “to give something else a try”. Maybe you want to “reconnect” with a church but you don’t know how to get started. Maybe you’ve never been inside a church in your life . . . but you’re curious.

Maybe the United Church of Christ is right for you. The UCC is one of the most diverse Christian churches in the United States, a progressive denomination that engages heart and mind. We date back to the Pilgrims, but we have shown time and again that we move forward to tie our faith to social justice in our ever-changing world.

We are located at 15370 Olive Blvd, just east of the Chesterfield Mall.


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Wherever you are on your life’s journey, you are welcome

at St John’s United Church of Christ.